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i just installed yahoo messenger which lets me broadcast a webcam! woohoo! if you desire to look at my beautiful face, IM me on yahoo, my id is herod2221. one of these days i’ll figure out how to broadcast directly to this page.

the government knew about dangerously high levels of lead in the wash.dc. water, but did nothing about it for years. sure, the government is looking out for our welfare. just another reason to seek higher standards from our buildings as well

i don’t know if i mentioned it here before, but i hate the long island railroad.it is an efficiently unpleasant experience using outdated 30 yr. old trains that frequently break. don’t even get me started about penn station.

i didn’t like this animation the first time i saw it, b/c i thought it was a cheap rip on the matrix.but it’s actually pretty on target – i started buying free range grain fed meat from whole foods yesterday.

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