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line bathrooms with lead!

i put it to you that all bathrooms should be lined w/ lead, disallowing any sort of telephone conversation while your friend is ‘dropping brown’. taking the phone into the bathroom when you pee is a stretch, when you’re taking a shit – that’s just wrong. maybe phones should have a shock feature, kind of like warning on AIM – your friend takes you into the bathroom, you shock the shit (perhaps literally) out of him. maybe he’ll pee all over the place. that’s pretty good negative reinforcement for stupid behavior.

just installed yahoo messenger. it has a webcam feature, which is fun. maybe i’m an exhibitionist, but i love watching myself on the camera window when i work. install yahoo messenger, and watch me if you want. my id is herod2221.

music in heavy rotation: muse (origin of symmetry); air (talkie walkie); squarepusher (big loada). it would be preferable, of course, to buy any of this music through apple’s itunes store if it’s available. also, the shuffle feature on the ipod is god’s gift to music. so are klipsch speakers.

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  1. June 7, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Good Idea!

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