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jeeps are ‘safe’

several of you who actually know me may be aware of my jeep crash ‘incident’. it goes something like this: senior year of high school, some years ago now, it snowed a lot. the white shit just wouldn’t stop falling. so one night, the eve of a friend’s departure to study abroad for a few months as i remember, i convinced my parents that letting me drive the jeep would be safer since it had just snowed a fresh foot. of course we all know that a jeep isn’t safer if you drive like an idiot, but hey, i was a responsible kid, right? so after the big going away dinner party, at which two in attendance got into the most ridiculous fight (followed w/ taunts such as “i’ll kick your ass” “oh yeah? i’m gonna call my brother, and his friends are gonna kick your ass” “oh yeah, well i’m gonna call yun-soo and he’s gonna get his asian gang to slash your face!”), i decided it would be fun to take the jeep off-roading through the fresh snow on the parking lot at north woodmere park. 2 friends, who for their sake shall remain nameless, rode w/ me and in fact videotaped the fateful event that snowy eve. all prepped, tape rolling, we inserted the indiana jones cd. the music starts, and your cue is to now download the video and let it speak for itself. mind you – there is no dubbing, no syncing, all audio you hear is how it occurred.

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  1. September 13, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    the only way to make jeeps safer is to not drive like an idiot. don’t bother w/ getting a jeep anyway, since they’re gas guzzlers and have higher crash rollover rates than smaller cars. get a diesel engine and fill it up w/ bio-diesel or get a hybrid.

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