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everything are made from PLASTICzes

here’s a little insight for you: just about everything you own has been saturated w/ or is composed of or has been doused in chemicals. plastics, treated wood, computers, light bulbs, plates and utensils – everything. but we never give this a second thought. what’s only starting to be recognized is the negative health impact imposed on humans by daily inundation of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) at work and at home. this epa page gives a brief description of ‘sick building syndrome’, the condition associated w/ VOC related sickness. it is a growing concern, and is addressed more often by green/sustainable architecture, which focuses not just on energy conservation, but also health. office buildings designed w/ such concerns in mind will often end up w/ lower rates of absenteeism and higher productivity. the resulting financial gains are significant, and often result in higher profits. check out natural capitalism by amory lovins for a little intro to the financial gains inherent in a sustainable economy.

anyway, the target of this rant is that beside reduction of the cause by using healthier building materials, we can reduce the amount of VOCs found in our air by the simplest of methods. not turning on the AC or blowing fans, though they can help. PLANTS. think about it – plants breathe. they breathe our toxic off-gassing (CO2) and produce our fuel (oxygen). well, not only do they absorb CO2, but they absorb nearly everything in the air, including VOCs. incredible as it is, this was not taken for truth until NASA studies in the early 1980’s scientifically demonstrated plants’ abilities to clean the air . continuing research continues to bolster the concept of using plants to clean our air, yet plants still are not a design criteria.

other studies have shown that hospital patients tended to heal faster when exposed to natural light and plants, as do worker productivity and creativity.

putting plants in the areas you tend to spend most or your time – desk, bed, kitchen, living room – not only help clean the air, but look friggin pretty, and help connect us, in our techno-industrialized urban society, in some sense w/ nature.

every room, apartment, building should be filled w/ plants – they should be a design criteria, not a second thought as place fillers in the corner.

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