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Stan Lee and Mac-like PC skins

2 things:

i was reminded this morning of a funny thing i saw this past fall. i was at a ‘lecture’ given by stan lee, pretty much the go-to guy for comics (he created spider-man, the hulk, the fantastic four, the x-men, etc.), and he didn’t really have much to say. in fact, he said that he hadn’t prepared anything at all, anticipating very few guests. i’d say he’s a lazy fuck-all who got payed a whopping amount of $ and got away w/ it b/c what are you gonna say to a guy who draws comics for a living? you jipped me? what does he really have to say anyway? but back to the story. of course dimwads from all over campus asked ridiculous questions, alluding to historical and current social/political allusions in marvel comics. there was one regarding the silver surfer as a christ figure, and trust me, there were plenty more interesting ones than that. but this dude asks the silver surfer question, and stan lee chuckles, chatters on about how there’s no christ allusion, but that anybody can read anything anyway they want. true, but he then goes on about the surfer’s character, and how the surfer is particularly amazed at the inhabitants of earth – how they have this beautiful planet and all they do is fight w/ each other all the time. and now i quote stan lee: “we live on the most beautiful planet in the world!” why do we fight? hehe. brilliant.

for anybody who likes to play w/ their computer, i have discovered the two bestest funnest toys you can install. granted, you have to like mac computers for this to be worth your while. it’s called object dock and windows blinds. they’re programs designed to basically skin your desktop so that it looks however you want, and also to add the dock bar as is found in mac os X. i downloaded windows blinds for free, and then downloaded the mac os x skin. the skins are all created by hackers, crackers, slackers, whatever, who have fun playing on the computer. so you install windowsblinds, and then from that window click ‘install skin’ point it to the location you downloaded the new skin, and then click ‘apply skin’ (you’ll see where these options are, it’s all right there). then there’s object dock. one you install it, you then have the option of hiding your windows taskbar, changing all the colors for the object dock background, icons, as well as adding docklets. docklets are almost like mini-programs that run in the object dock, which are really convenient when there are certain necessary components of the windows taskbar (such as start>programs and the system tray in the lower right hand corner). it may get a bit daunting if you don’t fiddle w/ your machine that much, as finding these docklets and icons takes a little time (it took me 2 hours to get it the way i want it), but it was well worth the wait. here are some images of how my desktop looks after all this:



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