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it pains me to say this, but i hate disney! eisner…

it pains me to say this, but i hate disney! eisner, get the fuck out! you’ve turned the beloved bastion of imagination into a cauldron of marketing mayhem and evil politically correct spew. those 2 dvds i mentioned below? they’re not only shrink wrapped, but also taped on all 3 sides of the case.

no, putting that annoying tape on one side won’t do it. i guess people stealing dvds through shrink wrap and just one taped side of the case must be a real problem. so just in case they managed to inconspicuously slice through the shrink wrap and open the case just enough AND pop the dvd off the spindle-lock from hell, future dvd burglars would be foiled by the brilliant disney scheme of adding tape to every single side of the dvd case! and you know what else they do to ‘disney dvds’? they make you sit through about 5 min of previews to the little mermaid 2 and other crappy straight to video money making schemes bred out of a lack of creativity. the little mermaid 2 – return to the sea?! come on! of course, i’m brilliant and fast forwarded through the previews, but you know there are thousands of nitwits who can barely work the dvd player, let alone fast forward through the previews just to get to the menu. fuck you eisner! fuck you and your 48 hour dvd and your short sighted dismissal of the biggest pool of talent disney’s seen since walt’s death, pixar. damn, i’m bitter.

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