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recuperate, or Segway?

i’m supposed to be in bed right now b/c lo and behold i’ve developed pneumonia. but that didn’t stop me from PICKING UP THE SEGWAY today!!!!! this thing is by far and away the coolest thing ever. it’s actually kind of like skiing – knees bent, relaxed, lean into the turns, any number of mom jokes will fit here…. also fun is the being on the receiving end of numerous gawks and exclamations: ‘that is so cool!’ ‘did you see that?’ ‘oh my..’. of course, every item has its detractors, and i also heard numerous laughs and ‘that’s so stupid’ and ‘what a dork’ comments. i think it was the helmet that drew the dork comments. but who’s the one on the segway, huh?! the people making those comments seemed to be the stupid undergrad frat boys who are jacking up their pickup trucks and busy trying to get their hats to look frayed and worn in. dumbass punks. you know these things go pretty quick – 12.5 mph may sound pretty slow on paper, but let me tell you – when you’re basically moving that fast while standing up straight, one fall will send you flying – and if you land on your head you’re kind of fucked. so, with that said, i’ll be riding this baby around for the next 16 days to publicize the segway on UT’s campus. i’m gonna really have a hard time parting w/ this thing on march10.

pictures of me doing my everydaythings on seggie will start posting tomorrow.

oh yeah – learn how to regain your virginity. only master web surfers can find good stuff like this.

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