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ok, i didn’t jinx the segway thing cause I’M GETTI…

ok, i didn’t jinx the segway thing cause I’M GETTING THE SEGWAY thing!!! woohoo!!!! i just got an email today from Segway HT America, and i’m getting my segway tuesday at 5p!! friggin awesome! i’m the coolest cat on the block! unfortunately, i hear it’s supposed to rain all week, so riding the segway may be a bit of a pain.

on another note, today would mark my seven – that’s right 7 – year anniversary to my girlfriend. seven years is a long time you may say. i would reply that you are right. we met second semester of our freshman year at Emory, and excluding some bumps along the ride for time off (hey, we were young and needed some space), things are pretty darn good right about now. it sucks that we’re both in school and in the middle of hectic schedules right now, so we’re putting off celebrating till spring break when we go to NY. her birthday is tomorrow (lucky me – valentine/hallmark day, anniversary, birthday – all within 1.5 wks) so we’ll celebrate that tonite. i got her birthday present yesterday, but i can’t say what it is yet lest she read this and find out early, but i really hope she likes it. i’m pretty sure she will. my gifts to her can’t hold a candle to her gifts, though – she is the queen of gift giving. i’ve never received better gifts than the ones she gets me. fleece bathrobe w/ a big fat superman insignia embroidered on the back is all i have to say – now that’s a girl you don’t want to let go.

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