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i’m probably going to jinx this by writing about i…

i’m probably going to jinx this by writing about it before anything is set in stone, but I’M GETTING A SEGWAY! back in september, an article ran in the Daily Texan about the Segway scooter, and how Segway HT America was going to open a store in Austin, and was going to give Segways to about a dozen UT students for a few wks – free publicity for them, fun toy for students. notice i say toy – i think segways can be amazing vehicles in cities to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, but basically just cities. additionally, the price has to come waaaay down to even be feasible – right now it costs almost the same as a cheap car. that’s crazy. anyway, there was no contact info in the article, so i tracked them down and called a bunch of times, and then emailed them a big ol’ email why i should be one of the students given a segway. first of all, i’m a gadget geek. second of all, i’m in the architecture school, which is the first building to greet you when walking onto the west mall, one of the main entrances to campus. third, i live about a 15 minute walk away from school, and either walk, ride my bike, or take the bus to school. my route is to either go down Speedway and then cut through campus, or go down Guadalupe and then up the west mall. both routes are highly trafficked (the spelling is correct, i checked) and would therefore give Segway all the publicity they want. fourth, i work crazy hours at school, so they can count on the Segway being locked up outside the school’s front door all day, for the entire university to see. i’ll go to school at 9a and leave anywhere from 4p to 4a. the average time would have to be around 9-10p, though. anyway, i’m an ideal candidate for riding this thing around. unfortunately, they never called.

until today. i was on the phone w/ my girlfriend when a houston area code blinked on call waiting. i let it go to voicemail b/c i had no idea who it was, and i was on the phone. man, what a surprise when i listened to the message: “hi, this is _____ from Segway HT America. you are the coolest person ever, and we want you to ride a segway around for free! we’ll even throw in some bikini models b/c you’re friggin awesome! call us back at 713-555-1234.” well, what – a – surprise! so i called _____ back, and he made sure i was still interested – though i told him i couldn’t accept the bikini models b/c i have a girlfriend who i love dearly, and who would surely take issue w/ the additional ladies, lovely as they may be. he told me he’d give her a segway too if i could have the models ride w/ me – it’s an image thing they’re trying to push: people riding segways will pick up hot models easily. they figure w/ a pitch like that, all the rich kids at the university will snatch up segways. i already snagged myself a hot girlfriend, but hey, i’m just helping to sell their product, so i agreed. He said he’d give her a few models, too.

anyway, to sum it all up, _____ from Segway HT America is going to call me back tomorrow to go over some final details, and i may be riding a segway by this weekend! i’ll be the coolest cat in town, baby! yeah!!

buy your very own segway scooter!

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