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it’s been a long time since the last update. i’m a…

it’s been a long time since the last update. i’m an irresponsible prick.

ok, updates on the past month and a half will have to wait for another time as i’m already enveloped in this semester’s work. i’m really enjoying classes, but i need to rant on my current studio project.

we started w/ a very simple project: draw a canonical house, a house as a child (an American child) would draw it. peaked roof, front door, a window or two, a chimney. fine. now make that house, in a matter of 4 frames, transform it into something else. not something else entirely, but show the structure changing in some way, and you can only focus on one type of transformation. a wall rotates as if on hinges, or the house breakes apart as if it were sliced into pieces of bread, or it rises on stilts, etc. fine. now do another one w/ a completely different transformation. fine. now take those two, and set them up in a matrix – one transformation along the x-axis, and the other along the y-axis. now fill in the remaining nine boxes with combinations of the 2 transformations, resulting in one doubly transformed house in the lower right corner. still fine, that was kind of cool.

now, develop a system of proportions, like the Ancient Greek rule of the Golden Rectangle which supposedly informed the design of the Parthenon. derive a plan for the canonical house (developed earlier), as well as 2 elevations and a section. while developing my system of proportions, i realized 3 things:

1. i wish i knew math a whole lot better, b/c it’s absolutely incredible to see the beauty inherent in mathematical relationships.

2. i likely am not understanding the concept of this system to the extent i need to. regardless, i forge ahead, developing a system based on a circle w/ a radius of rad-2. it’s beautiful, but what i realize while developing this system is:

3. systems of proportions tend not so much to be methods for deriving forms from mathematics and ‘nature’ as justification for creating those forms in the first place. hmmm, a window would go nicely here – but it must fit there logically. oh look! a 90 degree angle w/ this line here will fall roughly in the vicinity of where i want the window to be! well, if the math shows a relationship, no matter how obscure, well then, it must be fate. Pure and beautiful, and deemed fit by God Almighty, for His laws in their essential form are mathematics, and mathematics can be found in Nature, and all is incredible. Yay Natural Philosphy and Neo-classicism! whoop-dee-friggin doo.

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