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homeland security?! terrorists may be planning an …

homeland security?! terrorists may be planning an attack on the ‘homeland’?! isn’t homeland used to refer to a base, a home, when a culture spreads its fingers of influence throughout the rest of the world? doesn’t that sound a bit imperialist? am i wrong in remembering a certain ‘fatherland’ in recent history?

i’ve finally begun reading neal stephenson’s ‘quiksilver’, the first book in the baroque volume, a continuation (albeit 300 yrs in the past) of his mindbogglingly amazing book cryptonomicon. these books are kind of like james michener novels – they tightly blend history and fiction, but stephenson’s novel are linked cryptography and computers. i’m only 120 pages into quiksilver, and already waterhouse has befriended and helped isaac newton sustain a life of discovery. newton! in cryptonomicon it was alan turing, among others.

i actually spent more than a day packing back in austin so that i wouldn’t forget anything. but, of course, on the first night i’m in ny i discover that i forgot my pajama pants – the comfy flannel pants that would be perfect in frickin freezing ny. i even washed and folded them and placed them next to my suitcase! ach. then i discover i left my copy of quiksilver! i’ve been waiting all semester to read quiksilver, so i had to buy another one. but guess what? my spending does not end there, as i also left my history textbook, also located next to my suitcase for easy packing. i intended to study over break so that i could test out of survey of architecture2 (basically a history class), and therefore had to make an emergency trip into the city to purchase a $70 a copy of kostof lest i not study and have to take the class. i’m going to return it for a refund when i get back from vacation and use my old textbook after i return from my mexico vacation(w/ the family for the next wk).

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