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and so it begins…the website war between my tren…

and so it begins…the website war between my trendy, retro, non-graphical site and young-lan’s contemporary graphically intense site moved to full steam yesterday, when she announced that she began beta testing on her first page. of course, she hasn’t sent me a link yet, so i’ll assume that she’s full of hot air, intimidated by the daunting challenge of surpassing the quality of my site. however, let’s assume that y-l does get her site up, which she inevitably will b/c she’s a hard worker and competitive. when it does enter cyber-reality, will it really surpass the grandeur of this trendy, retro and supercool site? i think not. this is because my site has substance. what substance you ask? my baseless rantings, i answer. and that is the difference – her’s may look pretty, but will it make you laugh? will it give you great playlists? will it show you baby parent pictures? and more importantly, will it be an outlet from architecture, instead of a look further into the beast? aha! that’s where the lines will be well-defined! y-l’s site will be her portfolio, wow-ing viewers w/ the intensity of hours and hours of project research. mine will remain a weekly updated list of letters and humourous happenings. this preemptive defense will likely be seen as a futile and desperate attempt to salvage pride, but rest easy, and understand that it is actually an explanation of reality. furthermore, how often can you really update a flash site, huh? text is so much faster….

😉 yes, it has begun…

speaking of daunting, yesterday’s construction final was a bitch. of course, as is always the case, more studying would have made a difference in my grade for the better. however, i feel pretty good about how i handled the actual problems as opposed to the short answer bull that vince always puts at the beginning of his tests. it was a long test, though, and i stayed until the last minute.

following my last final and the end of the semester, i joined some friends to smoke celebratory cigars while basking in the rays of the setting sun outside ruda maya, a coffee house / dive bar / punk club down on s. congress. it was beautiful and relaxing, and that marked the start of vacation.

and so, i will leave you w/ a playlist and some songs from a mix i compiled over the last week and a half – a mix whose spirit longed for the end of the semester. hence it was called ‘please end’. i finally burned it yesterday after the final, so it has since become ‘please end…it’s over!’ anyway, enjoy.

please end…it’s over!

under control the strokes
stream running over apples in stereo
camping next to water badly drawn boy
there’s no home for you here the white stripes
once around the block badly drawn boy
song against sex neutral milk hotel
new born muse
i want to be the boy the white stripes
mr. blue sky nerf herder
the celibate life the shins
holland, 1945 neutral milk hotel
the electric version new pornographers
know your onion! the shins
when you were mine prince
sunday on the west side push kings
55 ford the refreshments
i nearly lost you screaming trees
small stakes spoon
the bandit starlight mints
once we were treees beachwood sparks
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