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final review for fall2003 studio project, the manu…

final review for fall2003 studio project, the manufactured home, is over. my project redesigned the manufactured home as a series of volumes, or modules, that get shipped to the site and connected on site. so the manufactured home is no longer a long box, nor is it one storey, as the house can rise or dip to conform to the sites topography (no more than 2 ft up or down). the roof (bogul roof = bump + mogul [taken from a train station project in Melbourne Australia designed by Grimshaw Architects of London] – my design happened to resemble theirs nearly exactly, so i combined the names, but i reached the form of the roof independently) is a series of bumps which enhance ventilation and daylighting w/ no mechanical intervention. the columns are springs made of a shape memory polymer – an experimental existing plastic that changes shape w/ an applied electric current.

with the exception that the project was not completed and my 3d model renderings of the interior did not come out properly, I had a good review – about fucking time. this is all due to the fact that Kevin Alter was not on my jury. as a comparison, he was on the afternoon jury, where several good projects were shredded. to relate my feelings about this, i’ll just relate an anecdote:

my final review for spring2003 was a disaster. my partner, josh lee, and i designed an amoeba like building that changed its shape continuously (though minutely) to respond to energy flows on site – changing sun angles, wind speed and direction, etc. it absorbed and redistributed these energies inside the building by changing its shape, creating differences in temperature and pressure that would induce ventilation. one visiting critic, a fat bastard from mississippi, after a long overblown speech likening josh and myself to female fearing sci-fi geeks (because we like sci-fi) called our building gay. GAY?! a building? what the fuck?! needless to say, it was an incredibly rude affront because it had nothing to do with anything and was said as an insult. this fat prick was interested solely in form and memory – instead of performance – and other architectural bullshit that continues to bog down and remove architecture from a position of importance – people like him make architecture inconsequential. anyway, kevin alter was also on the jury, and backed this guy up, and consequently hired him to teach at UT for a year instead of KRDB, a design-build firm based out of austin made of UT graduates, who are addressing real concerns for affordable housing.

so, as you can tell, i don’t have a particular affinity for this man. i am thankful i was not on the afternoon jury, and that my project was well received.

i must now study construction3 for the next two days. saturday afternoon marks the end of the semester for me – i have never looked forward to vacation like this before!

damn contemporary architectural bullshit!

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