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young-lan just told me that she wouldn’t read this…

young-lan just told me that she wouldn’t read this page b/c there are no graphics on it. image snob! 😉 my rants are way better than any images could ever be. and anyway, that’s what’s so super-duper cool about this site! it’s trendy and retro, b/c it’s an emulation of the WWW/WWW = wild wild west of the world wide web. if you really want images, check the studio research images: bumps and waves…

Bumps and Nips
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bogul development
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bogul development2
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bogul development3
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bogul development4
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the movie elf has taught that there are such things as angry elves.

the freaky gnats have returned to my window screens! what are they and why do they like to live in my window screens? there is no logic to which side of the house they like – shady, sunny. they just hang out, attached to the screen, waiting to wake up and infest my house w/ annoying gnat behavior. well fuck you gnats! i’m gonna get a venus fly trap and a pet bat. we’ll see how much you like my house then.

also, ella fitzgerld’s “baby it’s cold outside” is perhaps the best song i’ve heard all day, and rates a ‘must-buy’ on kenny’s apple itunes endorsement scale.

download itunes

even better than the paris hilton sex tape…


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