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it’s happening: internet lingo is penetrating th…

it’s happening:

internet lingo is penetrating the barrier and moving into RL (real life).

it’s only a matter of time before technology becomes so widespread, easy to use, and embedded in our daily lives that our interactions begin to alter.

will we hold conversations the way we do now? will we require as much face-2-face time? i’m not saying that we’ll live in cyberspace and become complete recluses, plugged into computers and sensors.

but u’ve got 2 wonder: 100 yrs ago u’d hang out w/ your friends after school, get a drink after work, attend community social functions, etc.

then the phone and the car came along and people began living farther apart and face-2-face time began its decline. television helped here as well.

now the internet pushes the de-facial-communique in a different direction: relatively the same or even less face-2-face time, but increased communications. a variety of online chats; email; all sorts of text messaging: phones, PDAs, pagers, that kick-ass new Tmobile sidekick (when will at&t get one?!).

so we communicate more, but we do it more efficiently – abbreviations, icons, entire emotions conveyed in a matter of characters – which traditionally would have been communicated over entire paragraphs in conventional ‘letters’. the way we communicate is changing, but how will that change our face-2-face interactions in the future?

…and how will our private and public spaces change to accomodate us? generally architectural space hasn’t changed since we took up building thousands of years ago – our structures have gotten bigger and stronger w/ advanced technology, but really what has changed? this time, technology (and we’re not talking just electrical lighting and climate control – ooh) can completely change the way we interact w/ the space itself, let alone interpersonal communications…

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