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hey mom- i’m stuck in the internet right now. i’m…

hey mom-
i’m stuck in the internet right now. i’m writing a
paper on cyber culture and its effects on
architectural space. it’s really fascinating and i
think that it’s going to inform my work for quite some
time, it’s my inspiration for a transformed
architecture. i’m not going to xplain it 2 u and u
will begin to notice that i’m somewhat naively starting to use a superficial
‘internet lingo’. that’s part of the point – the
internet is changing the way people
communicate – quick, concise, timing is everything;
non-linear communications, modes of thought, and physical actions.
how might architectural space change to meet
that challenge? hmmm…
so as it stands it looks like i am being sucked back
into the internet after my brief year long hiatus in the disconnect.
but i can’t stay in the internet forever, i will need
to come back into RL, but remain
connected. how? i need 2 get a laptop that will
remain connected (will connected become a dated term
when wireless networks are ubiquitous and every
gizmo, gadget, and contraption that exists is in some way
‘connected’ to everything?). julia says i will die if i don’t get one,
b/c i’ve been whining about this desire for days on end
and it seems to get worse all the time (i’m also whining about
how the architecture school’s university’s networks are created and
staffed by a bunch of nitwits who’d b better off staffing pencil
sharpeners. she won’t kill me for my incessant requests
for a laptop to magically appear, but i’ve been told
that i’ll apparently just wither up and disappear –
perhaps jump back into the internet and stay there.
cul8r (see you later)

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